Battle the Obsidian Basilisk

Battle the Obsidian Basilisk

The next chapter in the Twelve Portents event has arrived! From today and until Tuesday the 11th of February you can take up arms against yet another world boss bent on rampage!

This time it is the Obsidian Basilisk you can fight against and it will be showing its massive face in the lands of Khitai.

In January's Game Director letter, Senior Designer Matthew Bennett explains that this latest world boss will be spawning with greater frequency and that as long as anyone is still on the boss's threat list murder points will no longer be counted. Read more here.

If you don't have the Rise of the Godslayer expansion you can buy an access pass to the expansion area of Khitai in the in-game Item Shop.

If you do not have a level 80 character, but are brave and resourceful,  you can still join in the fight to take down the Basilisk in Khitai and get a chance to win powerful raid gear or even a unique and rare pet version of the great monster itself!

The great loot you can get your hands on from defeating the Basilisk is only one of the rewards for taking part in the Twelve Portents events though. If you help defeat all twelve bosses as they come each month you will get your hands on a legendary reward at the end!