Details on the Launch of ‘The Savage Coast of Turan’

Details on the Launch of ‘The Savage Coast of Turan’

We are very pleased to be able to reveal the details on the launch of the Savage Coast of Turan pack!

The pack will launch fully on the 8th of September, but there will be an early access period starting on the 31st of August for those that purchase the early access bonus pack. We have tried to design and price the adventure pack at a level that will offer access for most budgets.

At 1300 Funcom points for premium players the standard pack offers a great value access option for all your characters.

The Early Access bonus pack is only 2000 Funcom points for premium players and includes an additional level 50 character option, and additional character slot, and a week of early access to the adventure pack! This pack will be available until the 8th of September when The Savage Coast of Turan launches.

To celebrate the launch of the pack we are already offering the Jewels of Turan pack, which offers a whopping 60% off of the combined costs of its content. There you will find the access to the pack, all the benefits of the bonus pack and a selection of great items, including an exclusive Sand Demon pet that can only be attained through purchase of this fantastic sale pack! You will also get a great vanity armor set styled on Conan’s armor from the recent Conan the Barbarian movie.

Turan Conan Armor

The offers are now available in the item store in-game, and you can find a full FAQ on the packs here.