End of Saga FAQ

End of Saga FAQ

Hail, heroes! The Saga of Zath reaches its conclusion on May 15th. It’s been incredibly exciting seeing so many faces, both familiar and new, come together to make the Saga a success.


We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next, especially considering a certain game is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year...


But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about what’s happening with Saga of Zath.


First, the Saga-exclusive Hoard of the Third Raider is going away when Saga of Zath closes. Remember, the contents of these hoards can be smuggled to Crom and traded there after the merge! The hoard is now 30% off until the end of the Saga, so get it while it’s hot!


Now, many of you had questions on what exactly the merge entails - we’re happy to answer them:


What happens on May 15th?

All servers will go down for extended downtime on this date. During this time, Saga of Zath will be merged into Crom.


Do I get to keep my Saga character?

Yes! Your Saga character will transfer to Crom - just make sure you don’t leave anything in your mail or tradepost! These items will be lost to the ether during the merge.


Does my Saga character have to go to Crom?

Yes, all characters on Saga of Zath are being moved to Crom during the merge. If you want your Saga character on Fury, you will need to use the Character Transfer service from your account page.


Do I keep the fatality buff from Saga of Zath?

The buff is exclusive to the server, not your character. When your Saga character is moved to Crom, they will not receive that bonus.


What about my character’s name?

Character names will be transferred from Saga of Zath. If there is a naming conflict, it will be resolved according to the following, in order: 

  • Recent Account Activity - If an account with a Crom character causing a naming conflict has been played in the last 24 months, the Crom character keeps the name. If that account has been inactive for the past 24 months, the Saga character keeps the name. If both accounts are active, then...
  • Higher Character Level - The higher-level character keeps name. If they’re the same level, then...
  • Older Character Creation Date - The older character keeps name.

 Characters who lose their name will be provided a temporary name and you will be able to rename them for free the next time you log in with that character.


What about the Saga Quest Rewards?

As you complete stages of the Saga Quest, you’ll get each reward as an additional, separate claim through the shop window after the merge. This includes everything from the vanity gear, to the potions, to the power gear. These rewards can be used on Crom or Fury on a character of your choosing!

You can claim each reward once per account, so please choose the character wisely. You cannot claim these rewards on your Saga character.


I still keep the Saga Quest rewards on my Saga character, right?

Yes, your Saga character keeps everything they’ve already earned. The item claims are an additional reward for playing on Saga of Zath.


Will I be able to complete the Saga Quest after the merge?

The Saga Quest will become unavailable after Saga of Zath closes.


What about my guild?

Guilds on Saga of Zath will be transferred to Crom. This includes: 

  • Guild Name
  • Guild Bank
  • Guild City

Battlekeeps will not transfer to Crom, but you can contact Customer Service to get your materials back.


My guild has the same name as one on Crom. How does that work?

Guild names on Saga of Zath that conflict with guilds on Crom at the time of the transfer will receive “[Legacy of Zath]” added to the name.


What happens to my Saga character slot?

If your Saga character is at least level 20 by the time Saga of Zath closes, you keep the free extra character slot. This means you won’t need to do anything extra after the merge.


I didn’t get to level 20 before the merge. What happens then?

If your Saga character is below level 20, your character is still transferred to Crom, but you do not get an extra character slot. You’ll need to make sure you have enough character slots on your account to be able to unlock the character.


Do I get anything for having a Saga character below level 20, then?

You do! Even if you haven’t done any of the Saga quests, if you have a character on Saga of Zath, you get to claim the Embrace of Zath cloak for one character on the account. This vanity cloak was awarded to the Saga of Zath community for the defeat of Ethram-Fal, the final boss of the raid dungeon Palace of Cetriss.


Speaking of Ethram-Fal, I’m one of the people who defeated him. Do I get anything?

Fame and glory! If you defeated Ethram-Fal outside of the Raid Finder during the Saga of Zath, your character name will be posted on the website and forums for all to honor.


That should cover most of the topics you’ve asked about. If there’s anything we missed or anything you have further questions about, head over to the Official Forums and ask there.


Thanks for reading, and for making Age of Conan something truly special. Your Saga awaits - we’ll see you on the other side!