Funcom Event for Extra Life

Funcom Event for Extra Life

We are pleased to announce our support for Extra Life and their mission to raise awareness and donations for the Children’s Miracle Network. Join us in our support and participate in the Extra Life event on October 15th, 2011 at 8:00 AM PDT for a great cause that aids local hospitals in your area.

Extra Life 2011

Extra Life is an annual 24-hour video game marathon that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. On October 15th, gamers from all over the world will attempt to play favorite video games for 24-hours straight for charity. It’s based entirely on an honor system with the intentions to play video games for a good cause. It’s the thought that counts, and everyone is welcome to join to give something back by playing their favorite video games during the 24-hour marathon for charity!

Funcom Event for Charity

We are hosting a random giveaway event on Age of Conan and Anarchy Online to encourage fans to raise awareness and donations for charity. Those who choose to join our event will have their chance to win The Secret World Beta Access as well other great prizes. All you have to do is ensure that you have registered under the requirements listed below, play your favorite Funcom game for 24-hours and help raise money through Extra Life for the Children’s Miracle Network.

The Requirements

 Fans who wish to have their chance to win The Secret World Beta Access and other great prizes will need to register here to become a participant and join the team represented by Funcom on the Extra Life official website. Once completed, you will need to input the following details into your Fundraising Page (example) that will be listed under your name on Extra Life:

These details will help us determine who is playing for charity in Age of Conan and Anarchy Online when we complete a random giveaway throughout the 24-hour marathon. You can check out Famine's Fundraising Page for an example of what your page should look like after your registration.

The Prizes

 Prizes will be awarded in-game from an official Funcom representative. Funcom will send your character an in-game message to gather more details in order to distribute your winnings accordingly. Participants will need to be active in-game, be a member of the Funcom team on the Extra Life official website and have all the details listed in the requirement section to receive a prize.

The following prizes will be given away:


  • The Secret World Beta Access
  • 1000 Funcom Points (All Funcom Games)
  • Custom Forum Avatar (Age of Conan/Anarchy Online Only)
  • Custom Forum Titles (Age of Conan/Anarchy Online Only)


You can register and join the Funcom team by visiting this link.

You can join the Funcom team if you have already registered by visiting this link.

You can sponsor Famine or Morteia if you wish to donate but not join the event.

Event FAQ

What do you mean by participant?

Extra Life is a global event where gamers come together and play their favorite video games for charity. Players then raise money for this charity by finding sponsors who will donate money for every hour of gaming they will play on October 15th, 2011. Players who are playing for charity are considered the participants. Our event is based around the idea that our fans will become participants and play Funcom games on the Funcom team to help raise awareness for this awesome charity.

Does that mean Extra Life is a separate event?

 Yes, we are working with Extra Life to throw a unique event in parallel to their global event to encourage our fans to raise awareness and donations by playing our games for charity. In order to have your chance to win, you must register on the Extra Life official website; join our team designated for Funcom and find sponsors who will donate money for your 24-hour gaming session.

Can I donate money directly to Funcom instead?

 No, we are working directly with Extra Life who is handling all donations and tools to receive those donations. If you have any problems with the donation system with your sponsors, then you can contact Extra Life for further assistance to your concerns or issues.

Does Funcom have any donation goals?

 Yes, we have set our goal at 5,000 USD for the entire Funcom team. We will likely raise this goal during the course of the event only if we pass the 5,000 mark.

Is there a recommended donation amount for sponsors?

 Yes, but we do encourage at least $12 USD donation per sponsor (0.50 cents per hour).

Can I sponsor myself or friends?

 Yes, you can sponsor yourself, your friends or both!

Does how much money I raise increase my chances of winning?

 No. We must be fair in this event and how much money you raise does not impact how we select winners for any of the prizes. Of course, we do encourage everyone to raise as much money as possible, but it doesn’t have any significance on your chances of winning.

Do I have to be active on the game I picked to play for the event?

 Yes, you must be active on the chosen Funcom game to win a prize. That does not mean you have to be glued to the game for the entire 24-hours. We encourage everyone to pace themselves, take plenty of breaks and know when to stop playing when needed. Our representatives will be able to tell who is actively playing during the event and who is not actively playing when winners are selected.

Do I have to join the Funcom team on the Extra Life website to qualify for prizes?

 Yes. The Funcom team page will list all participants who are playing in the marathon and raising donations for the Children’s Miracle Network. The reason you must join the Funcom team is so that we can connect players who are gaming in their favorite Funcom game to our event for cool prizes. Check this site for the full team roster for the official Funcom team.

Are there any prizes for those who do not participate or sponsor other participants?

 No, but if you can manage to challenge Famine to an in-game duel and win. He will reward you with an epic prize of the ages.

Will Famine actually accept my in-game duel?


Wait a min…

That concludes our FAQ! We look forward to seeing everyone on October 15th, 2011 at 8:00 AM PST!


Glen ‘Famine’ Swan
Senior Assistant Community Manager