House of Crom Interview

House of Crom Interview

MMORPG had the opportunity to talk with Game Director Craig Morrison about House of Crom. Craig covers the rundown of House of Crom, the Threshold of Divinity Dungeon, The Vile Nativity and more.

MMORPG: There’s been a lot of talk about exploration for House of Crom.  Is that one of the things your team hopes to continue in future updates?  We’ll admit: exploration has been sorely missing from a lot of MMOs these days.  It’d be nice to tell players to “go figure it out” again.

CRAIG MORRISON: Exactly! Hiding these mysteries in there is fun, and I think players appreciate it. It also acknowledges those that like the lore, and enjoy the quest dialog  (and it doesn't hurt we have some kick-ass writing there), and enjoy figuring our complex game-play goals. It is also importantly not divorced from the game-play. We don't think that just having 'some random lore updates' as separate text or a book hidden somewhere is anywhere near as fun as actually weaving it together with the high-end game-play. There is a real encounter to unlock there, something even the min-max power-gamers will be interested in unlocking. So you might be appealing to different motivations - 'I really want that epic sword' against 'I love a good mystery to solve with friends' - but both serve to get people invested in the location.

I really love that we are still able to do that with players on occasion.


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