MMORPG re-reviews Age of Conan

MMORPG re-reviews Age of Conan has re-reviewed Age of Conan and gives it a final score of 'Great' (8/10)!

"Funcom has brought the game a long way since its rocky beginnings and a lot of care has been taken in improving each aspect of the game that is currently not up to par. For a game that for quite some time looked like it would cease to exist, it is exciting to see the game back on its feet. There are many hours to be spent exploring this beautifully crafted world, and I completely geeked out many times. The latest Adventure Pack has helped to bridge a large gap between the Tier 3 and 4 raids, an issue that plagued many players and halted progression. With the right eye players will find a magical world full of rich lore, gruesome gore and plenty of barely clothed wenches. What more could you truly ask for?"

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