Mounts and Mounted Combat

Mounts and Mounted Combat

You ride into battle much the way you would on foot, by going into combat mode.

Depending on the mount you are using, combat will unfold in different ways. If you are mounted on a horse, the way you will usually attack is with your own weapon, though you will be swinging to the sides, rather than right in front of you (since your horse, etc., would object if you hammered them in the head). However, some mounts, like the mammoth, are big enough to qualify as weapons on their own.

These mounts have special attacks that are used against your enemy by hitting the different directional attacks the way you would in melee combat. These mounts may have different types of attack that you can discover by getting to know your mount, for example, some will have a charge attack that will be quite useful in combat.

If you are using magic or ranged weapons, it works much the same way as combat on foot – aim and fire! There are, however, certain disadvantages.

Some of the disadvantages in mounted combat are:

Loss of precision: Mounts have momentum and build up speed. Many will not turn on a dime!

Combos: Melee combos will not work from horseback.

Spells: Some spells may not work while mounted (since it can be quite difficult to think while bouncing up and down on several tons of mammoth).

Dismounting: Enemies can knock you off your mount, suddenly making you much more vulnerable, though the difficulty is affected by what mount you’re riding.

You and your mount will both die at the same time should you get killed. Your mount and you share the same health status and stamina pool, but a mount might also give you a health and defense bonus, in addition to the benefits of mounted combat.

The Horse


A reliable mount, the horse is the most common companion an adventurer can have in Hyboria. They come in many different varieties, from armored giants to quicker steeds.

Trademark: The quickest mounts you can get.


The Rhino


Ferocious beasts known for their mix of speed and strength, the rhino is a feared opponent in any battle they take part in. Easier to navigate than the mammoth, but not as quick as the horse.

Trademark: A good mix of speed and strength. Can destroy player-made buildings.

With ferocious speed the Killer Rhino charges the fields of the Border Kingdom, plowing through hordes of enemy soldiers, sending them flying through the air.

The Devil’s Lance, the enemy calls them – incredible speed packed into a body intended to maim and slaughter. On their backs, skilled riders fight for control, carefully employing them in battle where the death of many is required in as short time as possible. In siege battles the Killer Rhino is a potent yet dangerous instrument of death thanks to its ability to brutally plow through large masses of enemies in a quick, brutal and lethal frenzy.


The Mammoth


Gigantic and fearsome, these mounts can cause utter havoc on the battlefield. But they can also be hard to navigate, for they are slow to move and difficult to turn around.

Trademark: Can attack with the trunk and tusks and destroy player-made buildings.

These gargantuan beasts, mounted by skilled riders, strides across the blood-soaked fields as mighty battleships set to conquer some unknown harbor. A vital instrument in any siege attack, a War Mammoth may very well determine the outcome of a battle. Employing these beasts in your attack means that you can break down walls and damage buildings even without using traditional siege weapons.

Snow Mammoth


The war painted Snow Mammoth is now available in-game at the NPC mount vendors and comes in three different looks. Besides being a very stylish player mount, the Snow Mammoth - like its brown brother the War Mammoth - can be used in siege PvP-battles to attack enemies and destroy structures. The Snow Mammoth is available in three different war paint looks.


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