Player Spotlight - Nwardezir

Player Spotlight - Nwardezir

Today we kick off one of the new community activities for 2011: the monthly 'Player Spotlight' where players can introduce themselves in a short interview we held with them. Nwardezir from the EU forums is the first to take the stage.


Name on the Forums:

Nwardezir on EU forums and Nwardezir-US on US forums

Name of main character:


Which country do you come from?


How long have you been playing Age of Conan?

Started in July 2008, never really stopped playing.

Which playfield/dungeon do you like the most?

Thoth-Amon's Stronghold

Which class do you like playing the most?

Over the past 10+ MMOs years, I always played a "rogue" type character. In AoC, I only play Assassin, I never managed to play an alt on any MMO, always had one character and one only, always rogue (even if I try quite all classes when I start a game, I always end and pick a "roguish" class).

On which server do you usually play?

Played on Ishtar (french PvE) from July to December 2008 and due to lack of people and PvE "challenge", I moved to Crom in December 2008. I'm still on Crom and Crom only. I also spend several hours every month on Test Live. 

What is your preffered play-style (soloing, raiding, PvP, mini-games ...)

Raiding ! Last time I did a minigame, it was before PvP xp and rewards were implemented in 2008. I really like PvP ... but not on AoC 

Are you member of a guild (or even a guild leader)? If yes, care to shortly introduce your guild?

I'm officer in Destiny. It's some sort of "hardcore" raiding guild on Crom. Some may think we live to challenge others guild/server for boss kills but we mainly challenge ourselves to achieve something fun and efficient We have plenty people from all over Europe, and all those talented people share a common goal : do their best, push the limits, have fun 

What was your most epic/funny/... moment while playing Age of Conan? 

I had plenty Epic moments with Destiny when we were among the happy few to first achieve something (craft first Ibis, kill Thoth-Amon, kill General and Basilisk in Jade Citadel). One of my funniest and sad moment, was back in 2008 when guilds were struggling and crawling in BRC wing 2. Was in a fight against Seruah, we were working on strategy to find a way to kill her and in one of our numerous tries, I remember being the "last man standing", alone, alive, with Seruah having just 1%hp left, corpses everywhere and all my mates shouting and encouraging me on vocal chat. Was really a blast and hell'of fun. I had hands shaking on my keyboard, throwing my combos like if I was playing Chopin on a piano ... but was also sad ... cause I finally died and Seruah survived

Do you have a fansite/blog/wiki related to Age of Conan?

I'm working with my fellow assassin Slith as staff member and admin of the "unofficial" AoC assassin dedicated board ( It's a nice reference for all Assassin players, no matter their playstyle and it's a nice place where US and Euro Sin can share knowledge and discuss (which is sadly not possible on official boards).

I'm also an UI Author and daddy of Stonerune, used by a nice bunch of players : Stonerune UI

And finally I also worked and helped a little with Azagathoth, my UI viking mate on the very nice tool AoC UI Installer (must-have!) : AoC UI Installer 

Anything else you want to share with your fellow players?

You're a raider ? Want to have fun ? Join Destiny on Crom, relaxed and efficient raiding guild ;) ->