Tarantia Commons

Tarantia Commons

Tarantia Common District introduces exciting new adventures, encounters, and countless hours of new content for high-level players into Age of Conan. Let’s take a peek at this new region and all the new challenges that it introduces for all adventurers alike!

The Common District has always been perceived as a place where the dregs of society congregate. From wily cutthroats and agile pickpockets, to the destitute and desperate, are all found within the slums of Tarantia. However, troubled times have come to Tarantia Common District that is located next to the Noble District entrance.

Tarantia Common District Gameplay

Tarantia Commons District is the newest outdoor playfield for level 75 and up. You will be able to experience countless more hours of content with a whole new series of quests, outdoor boss encounters scaling from the high rooftops of the district to the dark mysterious graveyard, and the addition of a single-player as well as a 6-man grouped dungeon.

Players who seek entrance to this new exciting outdoor playfield will have the choice to pick-up where other would-be spies have left off in the effort to help the guards and infiltrate one or both of the major gangs that inhabit the district, the ‘Crows’ or the ‘Wharf Rats’. Depending on your initial choices, you will receive a new quest series to go undercover and gain trust with one of the gangs in the district. As you progress to gain more information about all the gangs in the area, you will run into very conflicting quest lines that can either help you getting in one gang or, by doing the opposite, make you friends with the other.

New dungeons coupled with many new outdoor solo and group encounters also add greater and more rewarding adventures for high level players. The Tarantia Common District also features a different outlook on how new locations bring new challenges into Age of Conan. Players will not only be able to venture throughout the district on the ground but they can also explore what’s lingering above their heads on the rooftops. Adventuring to what lies above the heads of the city only leads to more exciting combat as you must be aware of your surroundings at all time. One wrong move in any fight and you could find yourself swimming with the fishes or worse, as red paint on the side of the buildings.

With the ambition to add more interactive dynamic social events, riots are known to disrupt the district. Players will find themselves caught between conflicting forces as they can choose which side to support. Depending on your actions, you can either help the rioters or you can choose to help the guards to gain great rewards from whatever side you choose to aid.

New Dungeons

Attilius Mansion (single-player)

Attilius’ Mansion is a single-player dungeon within the Tarantia Commons District that features all new bosses and random rare spawns for players to encounter countless more hours of content! Players will discover this all new dungeon through the new quest line series and will be facing decisions that either helps avoiding conflict or adding more depending on the players’ choices!

Within the first steps of this new level 80 dungeon you will encounter numerous monks, reavers, bodyguards that have been dispatched to roam the mansion under one man; Attilius, a former old nobleman and official head of the watch, lies deep in the core of the mansion where he seeks his ease in the blossom of the lotus.

As you explore Attilius Mansion you will uncover Aisa, the bitter and angry daughter of Attilius, through your quest line series. Aisa, who is filled with absolute hate for her father due to the fumes and corruption of the lotus drug has a softer side if you play your cards well. You’ll have maybe one chance to win her over and only then will this unstable assassin let you continue on breathing.

Crows’ Nest (groups)

In addition to our single-player dungeon we’ve added a new 6-man grouped dungeon that will included all new boss encounters and one rare encounter for those who seek it! Players who discover this hidden nest of ruthless ‘Crows’ will not experience an easy penetration or escape as the nest is filled with unsuspecting tripwire and warning devices to surely make their visit a very unpleasant one.

The Crow’s Nest is filled to the brim with loyal members of the ruthless gang along with their own seductive entertainment to boot. As soon as you enter the nest your eyes may set on the tables of warm and yet pleasurable dancing but quickly redirected by the blades that quickly veer your direction.

The gang itself is a ruthless bunch and their leader, Jovus rules them with an iron fist. You may find yourself face-to-face with Jovus but only if you can get around his traps. You will have to stay on your toes as his tactics are known to drain the life out of you or worse, him to vanish before your very eyes. Along with this you may run into Bibaculus who is surely a better fighter when he is sober. He would pose a worthy challenge as his beer drinking fighting styles are almost expected to throw off the most malicious advisory.

Featured Locations

The Graveyard

The graveyard is placed outside the city gates to the west of the district. Here, the outcast Priest of Mitra Lazar is gathering his army of risen dead bodies and lepers from the nearby leper colony. The graveyard is inhabited by solo NPCs during the day time, and group NPCs during the night time to increase both solo and group content. This adds to the fact that a graveyard is, after all, a lot scarier at night! As you make your way deeper into the graveyard you will discover new and challenging encounters like the old necromancer Amun-Nepthek who was recently awakened by Lazar’s successful attempts to raise the dead. Or the new group boss ‘Risen Warrior’ who can be found north of the old warlocks cave, hiding in the darkness of night.

Leper Colony

On an island outside the west gate of the city live the ones who are unwanted by the rest of the citizens: the Lepers. These poor men and women suffer from this deadly disease so they are outcast and isolated. Travelers should be very careful not to come too close to one of the infected or they might risk getting the disease themselves. And then maybe not even the priests of Mitra might be able to help.