The Achievement System is here!

The Achievement System is here!

Enjoy a whole host of all new achievements in Age of Conan. You can earn achievements from every part of the game, and accumulate achievement points to earn sweet rewards.

Get achievements from your number of kills in PvP, from Minigames or from the Festival of Bloodshed events. Stack up monster kills, quest completions or faction rankings.

Collect a myriad of dungeon and raid achievements for completion in all game zones, timed runs with several tiers of difficulty or earn purist achievements for doing lower level dungeons at their intended level. 

Explore to find places for Leaps of Faith or special races where you ride from A to B as fast as you can. More exploration achievements will be added later with the special Panoramas, where you discover beautiful vantage points. 

There are achievements for virtually everything in the game. Collect as many as you can for great rewards, such as unique archetype pets, special mounts, new titles, Path of Asura cooldown feats, a personal Herald or new racial Rune Stones with handy buffs!

As you earn achievement points you also gain a brand new way to teleport around the world. The Playfield Access panel now allows you to teleport directly to the adventure zones or hubs you want if you have accumulated enough achievement points!

Many of these achievements are awarded retroactively from things you have done in the past, so talk to the Chronicler of Deeds in the hub cities to get your list of achievements updated.