The Anvil of Crom: Interview with Silirrion

The Anvil of Crom: Interview with Silirrion

The Game Director chats about the past, present, and future of the game.

Age of Conan has been on the move recently, and now with our third-year anniversary already here, it's time to get even more exciting changes out the door!

Massively: It's been an up-and-down three years, with launch bugs, the 1.05 revamp, and the Rise of the Godslayer faction grind generating a bit of rancor in the player community. Now that those issues have more or less been addressed, what do you see as the biggest challenge(s) facing the AoC dev team in both the short- and long-term?

Craig Morrison: The challenge with MMOs is always keeping pace and making sure your production team is able to keep a good healthy pace of content and developments. We've done a lot of work with our infrastructure over the last year and worked to put the team in the best position to achieve that.

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