The Home Stretch

The Home Stretch

Champions!  We’re in the home stretch: Saga of Zath concludes on May 15th.  That means you have one month left to get your sweet Tier 6 gear and exclusive vanity items!   

If you’re just starting off now and need help catching up before the server closes on May 15th, we’ve got you covered.  First, for everyone on Saga of Zath: 

  • Everyone gets a FREE Extra Specialization! 

  • Raid and PvP gear bundles are now available! 

  • XP Booster potions are 75% off! 

  • Plus, all Mounts are 50% off on all servers! 

It’s been wonderful seeing so many heroes, old and new, come out for Saga of ZathLet us know what you think of Saga of Zath on the forums, and stay tuned for details on merging Saga of Zath to Crom.   

If you haven’t played on Saga of Zath yet, what are you waiting for?  Learn more about the server here.  Your saga awaits!