The Risen Inferno Lord Attacks – Get your Legendary Cloak!

The Risen Inferno Lord Attacks – Get your Legendary Cloak!

The final chapter of the Twelve Portents event is here! The mighty and monstrous Risen Inferno Lord has invaded Keshatta, and it is up to you to stop its utter destruction.

The event starts today and lasts until Tuesday the 12th of November.

Join together and take part in this massive event, and defeat the Risen Inferno Lord for great and epic rewards.

Anyone can take part in the battle, as long as they can brave the treacherous deserts and make their way to Keshatta.

This is the final boss in a long line of  twelve who have invaded Hyboria. If you have taken part in all eleven previous events and are now able to take on the Risen Inferno Lord himself, then a Legendary reward awaits you!

After having completed all Twelve Portents seek out the Astromancer in Old Tarnathia. He will offer you a most magnificent reward! Choose one of many Legendary cloaks, and it will mark you as a true champion for defeating all of the Twelve Portents! The cloaks do not only hold great power but each also lends its own unique effect to the killing blows of their wearer.

Congratulations heroes! Age of Conan's first ever Legendary reward is yours!