The Slaughterhouse Cellar

The Slaughterhouse Cellar

"They came with blood and fire and madness. That painted horde, that terrible howling mass, broke upon us like a nightmare and we were engulfed. In the swirling frenzy, I knew that the only way to survive was to fight as they fought, not with a mind for tactics, but with all of the mindless savagery that my civilized soul could muster.”

- Veteran of the Battle for Thunder River

In the aftermath of the Pict invasion, the refugee camp still reeks with the stench of blood and misery. The borderlands have always been a hard place to survive, but when the very water of the river is turned against them, the people find comfort in bitter hatred. Their enemies, the Crocodile Picts, control the eastern bank of the river and the guttural cries of the enemy deprive the weary Aquilonians of much-needed rest.

But danger is far closer than many of them realize. During the invasion, there were many who thought to hide in the Slaughterhouse Cellar, a place where the farmers store their wares for preservation in the steamy weather. A group of Picts entered the cellar and slaughtered all who hid there; entire families… lost. The ghosts of the fallen have risen to seek vengeance on the living – and they no longer discriminate between friend and foe.

As for the Picts, they seek magic of a different kind. In seasons past, the ploughs of the Aquilonian farmers have overturned strange shards of an unknown metal. Thought to be relics of a long forgotten past, the metal shards were placed in the Slaughterhouse Cellar and promptly forgotten about. Now the Picts seek the shards, because the corroded metal contains the key to a dark a terrible secret buried since the days of Acheron…

Slaughterhouse gameplay

The Slaughterhouse Cellar dungeon is an instanced, level eighty, solo dungeon. Players must complete a series of quests taking place in and around the dungeon, and the reward is most importantly to gain access to the new dungeon Xibaluku. Through these quests the player will unravel the story of the Picts residing within, reaping rewards that are certainly notable, but far from the riches that are held within the great Xibaluku dungeon!

Players may find the Slaughterhouse Cellar in Thunder River.