Unchained Raids and Epic Armor Sets!

Unchained Raids and Epic Armor Sets!

Kalanthes has discovered something unsettling in Khemi. A serpentman, seemingly out of his mind, has escaped from the depths of the Dragon's Spine mountains. He carried a disturbing message – "Fear the Wrath!"

Follow the trail back to Dragon's Spine and embark on a set of fresh challenges more brutal than ever before!

Massive Raids!

A whole set of four new Unchained Raids await you! Take on Yakhmar, Vistrix, Champion of the Honorguard and Kyllikki with all new encounter mechanics and brand new rewards!

Each Unchained Raid is made for 24 players and offers a new take on the classic Tier1 raid bosses. The fights have been ramped up to the max with fiendish new designs which will challenge even the most seasoned of raiders.

These new Tier5 raids have been painstakingly crafted to utilize every trick in the book to create massive, epic and awesome raid battles!

The Most Powerful Rewards

Though the challenges are brutal, the rewards are stupendous. Defeat these huge raid bosses to get your hands on all new Tier5 armor sets! Each class has a new set or armor and for the first time ever in Age of Conan you can enjoy powerful set bonuses.

The more pieces of the new armor sets you equip, the greater your set bonus becomes. Each set consist of eight pieces and grants a buff which does not only increase your regular stats, but also introduces the fresh Finesse mechanic and improves key class abilities.

Gather your friends and team up for the fight of a lifetime – The time to raid has come!