Update 1.6 Series

Update 1.6 Series

The most recent update includes a new leveling and reward system for guilds in Age of Conan, new Tier 3 raid instance, "Thoth-Amon's Stronghold" and the highly requested Raid Loot Token System!

New Feature: Guild Renown

Guild Renown

Guild Renown is a new leveling and reward system for guilds in Age of Conan. Members of guilds can experience their epic adventures as they normally do today while contributing to their guild’s Renown simply by playing the game. As players progress in game, they will be able to progress their Guild Renown for the entire guild and unlock awesome rewards to be shared with each member of their guild. Guild Renown will have a maximum of 20 levels to be achieved by the entire guild and the Renown or level does not go with the player when they decide to leave the guild.

This article here provides further details about the rankings and rewards for each of the 20 Guild Renown level.

New Tier 3 Raid Instance: "Thoth-Amon's Stronghold"


Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold is the new Tier 3 raid instance. It has seven boss encounters, including Thoth-Amon himself. In addition players will encounter some of Thoth-Amon’s most powerful allies, both new ones and some they might have met, or at least heard of, before - like Hathor-Ka. There are also several new items and quests that will be introduced with Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold. As in any raid instance the loot is very important and there should be new interesting items available for everybody to enjoy!

Read this article to learn more about this new raid instance.

New Raid Loot Token System

Raid Loot Token

Update 1.06 also adds something the players have been requesting for a long time – a token system for raid loot. The token system is added to Tier 1 and Tier 2 as well as Tier 3 raids. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the randomness (or perceived lack thereof) in the loot drops. Under this Token System, a player will first obtain a 'relic' drop from slaying a raid boss. These relic items come in several varieties, including one type that is archetype specific. When used in your inventory, these relic items add tokens to your character.

More details about this system can be found in this article.

Assassin Revamp

Update 1.06 introduces a number of improvements we could make to the Assassin class in several different areas. We have generally taken a somewhat different approach to the class revamps which have occurred since the 1.05 update, and this was applied to the Assassin during the course of its revamp. Among other things, it involves giving a revamped class some unique set of mechanics that encourage meaningful tactical choice on the battlefield. But also a distinct identity in how the class feels and plays to the player, as well as opponents facing the class and also how the class is viewed by group members.

This article describes the Assassin revamp in detail.

Crowd Control Changes

Based on ongoing feedback from players concerning crowd control abilities, and the impact of these abilities specifically in PvP scenarios, a number of improvements have been made to how crowd control behaves in Age of Conan. These are changes which have generally been evaluated and considered for some time, and we feel 1.06 is the right update to deliver these to players, due to other CC changes also going in the same update.

Read this article to learn more about the changes to the Crowd Control System.