What’s Next for Saga of Blood?

What’s Next for Saga of Blood?

Hail, heroes!

Since Saga of Blood started up, hordes of bloodthirsty warriors have stepped up to the plate for glory, action, and the phat lewts.  We’re all pleased with the violence you’ve committed.

Now that level caps are a thing of the past, let’s take a look at what we can look forward to as Saga of Blood continues to mature:


Server Bloodshed

Back when we first announced Saga of Blood, we talked about “Server Bloodshed”, where we track how many deaths have occurred on the server and award a special item for reaching a community goal.  

What’s that goal?  1,500,000 total kills.  We’re now a little over 82% towards that goal; the leaderboards are now updated with a visual progress bar so we can all see how it’s going!

The reward for the community goal is the Cloak of Selkhet (Cloak above marked with "I"); themed similarly to the armor set and armored mount you can get on Saga of Blood!  


Path to Glory Leaderboard Competition

Now that Level 80 is the cap on Saga of Blood, we’re switching gears with leaderboards.  From now on until the end of Saga of Blood, we’re running 2-week “seasons” where you can compete for in-game prizes by placing at the top of the leaderboards.  

We’re looking at the PvP Kills leaderboards - the top 5 overall killers will earn gold, hoards, treasure chests, and the Shawl of Selkhet (Cloak above, marked "II"), a special vanity cloak.  Additionally, the #1 killer for each class will earn a similar prize pack of gold, hoards, and treasure chests (Equal to the 2nd place finalist pack for the overall placements). You can double-dip these rewards; if you’re the #1 overall killer and the #1 Barbarian, for example, you’ll get both prize packs!  

For the first period, we’re actually looking back when the Level 80 cap was set and looking to the next week from today (November 29, 2018); the first set of winners will be determined on the 6th of December 2018.  The next period runs from the 6th to the 20th, and so on from there.

Let us know what you think!

Rank Prize Value
  1st   75 Gold, 5 Hoards of Blood, 5 Bloodstained Treasure chests, Shawl of Selkhet   $33.75
  2nd   50 Gold, 3 Hoards of Blood, 3 Bloodstained Treasure chests, Shawl of Selkhet   $22.50
  3rd   35 Gold, 1 Hoard of Blood, 1 Treasure Chest, Shawl of Selkhet   $6.75
  4th   25 Gold, 1 Hoard of Blood, Shawl of Selkhet   $3.00
  5th   15 Gold, 1 Hoard of Blood, Shawl of Selkhet   $3.00
  6th   15 Gold, Shawl of Selkhet   Under $1.00
  7th   15 Gold, Shawl of Selkhet   Under $1.00
  8th   15 Gold, Shawl of Selkhet   Under $1.00
  9th   15 Gold, Shawl of Selkhet   Under $1.00
  10th   15 Gold, Shawl of Selkhet   Under $1.00

Full Rules and Prizes can be found here!


Leaderboard Top 10 Reward

If you’re in a top 10 spot on the leaderboards after the Saga of Blood ends, you’re getting another special cloak!  The Shawl of Selkhet ("II", as seen in the above competition) is yours based on overall standings across all categories tracked on the leaderboard (excluding total Guild PvP Kills).  

This cloak will be awarded after Saga of Blood ends, and will be sent as a claimable item to any one of your characters once the server closes and your character is merged to the existing servers.


End of Saga Dueling Tournament

We also talked about a dueling tournament at the end of Saga of Blood - that’s still on track!  Shortly before the Saga server ends, we will freeze leaderboard progress and contact the top 4 player killers for each class to invite them to a one-on-one dueling tournament.  

We’ll need to coordinate with all qualifiers to establish the best time to be able to get your duels in so we can determine a winner.  

Winners for each class will receive an exclusive title (“...The Guardian”, “...The Herald of Xotli”, etc), a bunch of gold, Hoards of Blood, Bloodstained Treasure Chests, and the Regalia of Selkhet (Cloak at top of page marked with "III", a special vanity cloak) and your name on the Hall of Fame on our website.  Think of the leaderboard tournament as a prelude to this.

We’ll keep you posted as we approach the Saga of Blood’s end date!