Update 1.7 Series

Update 1.7 Series

Together with various fixes and improvements, this latest update to Age of Conan also introduces brand new exciting PvP challenges like the “Shrines of Bori” as well as introducing the PvP levels 6 to 10 including a new PvP Token system with which players can gain access to the brand new Tier two PvP armors! And there is also a new mysterious in-game event with several new solo and a group quest for players to tackle.

New PvP Content – ‚Shrines of Bori’

With Shrines of Bori players will experience challenging guild-based ongoing outdoor PvP conflicts with capturable objectives, which take place in the Border Kingdoms: Cimmerian End. The gameplay includes capturing shrines and defending them against other players in bloody combat. There are also new rare PvP resources involved that players have to harvest and bring back safely to the captured shrines in order to make an offer to the cruel war god Bori and receive his favours. You can read more about the Shrines of Bori in this article.

Additional PvP Levels, PvP Tokens and New Tier two PvP Gear

PvP Gear

PvP was never so rewarding and challenging before! Update 1.07 introduces PvP levels 6 to 10 together with fantastic new Tier two PvP Gear for all classes. But before the gods of Hyboria put rewards, they put bloody and deadly combat! To get access to the new gear players will have to have reached the appropriate PvP level and in addition have gathered enough brand new PvP Tokens (similar to Raid Tokens for Raid gear). There are different types of PvP Tokens. One type is obtained from performing a Sacrifice of Bori while another type is obtained through mini-games and is rewarded upon the completion of wanted-poster style quests to win at the various mini-games. Are you up to the challenge?!

Expansion Teaser Event – “The Silver Atrium”

Silver Atrium

Experience “The Silver Atrium” – a new in-game event that challenges you with new quests found in Stygia and Aquilonia. Meet and battle mysterious spies, assassins and other shady characters from the far east to get great new rewards. You could be among the first to own excellent items of Khitan craftsmanship and you might even come to find yourself in possession of an exotic female companion from these foreign shores. Read more about this in-game event in this article.

New Regional Fast Travel System

In addition to the existing wagoner NPCs which let you travel between major playfields and hubs, there are now also brand new wagoners that offer easy travel within certain regions for a small fee. Most players will find it comfortable to be able to access important remote locations to proceed with a quest or get to a raid with this new option.In addition there are also new vendors available right next to the new wagoner NPCs who sell “Wagoner Route Maps” consumable items. When used, these will transport you directly to the central hub of the current playfield.