Guilds and cities

Rule your very own guild and construct entire guild cities.

Age of Conan: Unchained lets you either join a guild or create your own. Work together to create a sprawling guild city and to unlock unique rewards through striving for guild renown.

Guilds and cities

A player-made guild city in Aquilonia

Work together for the benefit of the guild

Whether you join an existing guild or create your own, you have to work together with the other members of the guild if you want it to succeed. Through the guild renown system the collective actions of all players generate renown for the guild, either through fighting monsters, battling in player vs. player conflicts, or simply by crafting and building. As you acquire renown, more rewards will be unlocked for your guild, such as exclusive buildings or even NPC inhabitants for your guild city! Guild renown adds a common progression path for the entire guild.

A statue built by players to decorate their city

Build your own magnificent guild city

Delve into a deep and engrossing crafting system, allowing you to make everything from armor and weapons to an entire city! There are hundreds of unique quests built solely around crafting, and advancement through the crafting system comes from making things and completing quests, not surviving the grind. Guilds must work together to construct magnificent cities featuring anything from city walls to barracks and temples. Guild cities can also host fun events for all members, such as treasure hunts and insult contests!