Skull Gate Pass Onslaught

Skull Gate Pass Onslaught

The vile Hyperboreans are poised to strike the Border Kingdoms; it’s up to you, the mightest of Hyboria, to halt their onslaught!  Join Valkyrie Hylda in warding Skull Gate Pass against the vast armies of the Witch Queen Vammatar!  


Valkyrie Hylda, found in Old Tarantia, beseeches the aid of Hyboria’s most ferocious heroes, requiring protection as she works to complete a blood-fueled rite at a holy site near the Pass.


Inspired by an assortment of classic Conan short stories and comic books, Skull Gate Pass Onslaught (hereby referred to as Skull Gate Pass; internally, we called it Onslaught 2 or SGP) is set in the snowy peaks near Hyperborea, taking form as a new horde defense scenario similar to Kuthchemes Temple Onslaught.


To queue for Skull Gate Pass, you may select it in the newly-revamped Group Finder, a feature that replaces the original Raid Finder!  




Once you’re transported to the playfield, you’ll find Valkyrie Hylda waiting patiently for you under the gargantuan mammoth skull adorning the eponymous Skull Gate Pass.  Speak to her once to begin; she’ll escort you to a nearby site you must defend.  From here, you have a moment to explore the map before the onslaught begins - speak to Valkyrie Hylda once again so she may commence the ritual.


Once the ritual is underway, your band of heroes must defend the valkyrie from harm - if she sustains too much damage, the ritual is disrupted and the battle lost!


As with Kuthchemes Temple, enemies in Skull Gate Pass occasionally drop glowing potions where they die.  These powerups grant temporary boons by simply walking over them in the field.  


The Bloodshed Meter returns in Skull Gate Pass with a matching theme; as you score fatalities and chain kills, the mayhem fills this meter.  Once completely full, a Champion is summoned to the battle.  


The Witch Queen’s armies are bolstered by deadly juggernauts and dark priests, backed by an elite cadre of commanders, up to and including the Queen herself.  Group composition, communication, and coordination are of the utmost importance if you want to survive!





A mysterious force hums through the air, if seeking out or drawn to the arcane weaponry. As if whispering directly to each bow, blade, and sorcerous bauble from the vaults of Kuthchemes, the resonance suddenly takes shape as new forms etch themselves into each weapon…


All Kuthcheman weapons now have their full set of gem slots unlocked, ready to be combined with what glittering prizes await you in Hyperborea.  




Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you staining the snow red at Skull Gate Pass!