Headhunter Collection Now Available!

Headhunter Collection Now Available!

It’s dangerous to go alone! Conscript new allies in the battle for Saga supremacy with 30 days of Premium Membership, plus two bonus 15-day Membership keys you can gift to friends during Saga of Blood!


Catch-Up Buff (QUAD XP)

From now on, all lower-level characters on Saga of Blood receive QUADRUPLE Experience up through level 49! As we continue to increase the level cap, so too will the Quad XP cap.





30 Days of Premium Membership

Two (2) bonus 15-Day Membership Buddy Keys that includes PvP Starter Pack (Level 20)

The following items:

  • Dark-barded Fading Black Horse, a classic mount that automatically scales up to the fastest speeds with your riding ability

  • Additional Specialization, granting one additional feat specialization (up to 4 additional specs)

  • Coffer of Nullity, a 122-slot inventory bag

This bundle is exclusively available for purchase on Saga of Blood. All the items included in the bundle are a one-time claim for your Saga character, but the mount is an account-wide claim for all your characters!

Each account may register ONE (1) Buddy Key ever, regardless of source. Don’t delay - unused Buddy Keys expire at the end of Saga of Blood!

You may find your Buddy Keys from your Account Homepage (https://account.ageofconan.com/), under "Show Payment History". Please note: You can’t apply a buddy key on your own account!

If you're having trouble with your buddy keys, please click here.