Player Spotlight - Henryabccba

Player Spotlight - Henryabccba

This month's Player Spotlight is on henryabccba from the US forums. He has created a host of great videos showing Age of Conan in all its splendor and today he tells us a little something about himself.

Name on the Forums:

henryabccba on US forums

Name of main character:

Henryx in Tyranny server

Which country do you come from?

My name is Henry Au, I am Chinese and living in Hong Kong

How long have you been playing Age of Conan?

I've played Age of Conan since June 2008, I was attracted by the beauty, combat system and world PVP of Age of Conan.

Which playfield/dungeon do you like the most?

Definitely Northern Grassland and Chosain Province. I enjoy playing in a big map, it gives me the feeling of freedom and world but not in a room. The atmosphere and climate of the maps change 24/7. Not necessary to do anything special, already having a great time running around with my horse in there. It is a joy to discover different faces of the land and taking screenshots. I like taking photos in real life, and I think Age of Conan is the only game has the conditions to be filmed. GJ on dreamworld engine!

Which class do you like playing the most?

Guardian. Bruce Lee's legendary words “Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” Guardian just like water, can be fortress, cannon, supporter and carrier, ever changing. The variations of rule is full of challenge and I believe a good tank can make everything possible.

On which server do you usually play?

I only play in PVP servers, because open world PVP is essential for MMO. I was in Cimmeria server before it merged with Tyranny server.

What is your preferred play-style (soloing, raiding, PvP, mini-games ...)?

I love playing anything that can have interactions with other players and it is the reason to play online game. The joy to reach an objective with friends is priceless.

Are you member of a guild (or even a guild leader)? If yes, care to shortly introduce your guild?

I am a member of Requiem Nex in Tyranny server. No.1 guild leaded by The Lord Scaevacas and The Commander Pers. We are aiming for perfect harmony amongst ourselves through well co-ordinated teamwork, respect, and communication. Everything we do in game must have this direction of improvement. Welcome to join our family. http:

What was your most epic,funny or special moment while playing Age of Conan?

  • Most epic - Killing Thoth-Amon and Chicken
  • Most funny - Global PVP and Shrine of Bori
  • Most special - Role playing with friends (Frank/Yuki) and getting ganked

Do you have a fansite/blog/wiki related to Age of Conan?

I have a AOC channel on youtube, hope you like the videos.


Anything else you want to share with your fellow players?

Age of Conan has stunning graphic and realistic motion creation on combat, mounts and emotes. I hope Funcom can introduce a 3rd person replay function, more emotes and more variations on armors and mounts.