The Veteran System

The Veteran System

Sticking with the game over a longer period of time should yield rewards, right?

That is why the Age of Conan developers are now introducing Veteran Points to the game. This will give players who have subscribed to the game for a certain amount of time a wide choice of different rewards to choose from. From exciting new pets to useful new equipment, the rewards are many and you have the power to choose.

These rewards are available at new vendor NPCs in-game and will offer a wide range of items, options and services that will only be available to veteran players.

The idea behind the veteran items is not to create items that make characters more powerful, but to offer convenience and social items for veteran players to enjoy, either to offer things like better travel options for their characters or to make things a little easier when they start a new alt character.

How do you earn points?

This new system works with Veteran Points, points that players will acquire for every month that they subscribed to the game. The longer a player has had an active subscription, the more points will be gained.

The rewarded Veteran Points also increase after every six-month period so even more points are gained the longer a player has been loyal to the game.

  • 1 - 6 months : 6 points
  • 7 - 12 months : 8 points
  • 13 - 18 months : 10 points
  • 19 - 24 months : 12 points 
  • etc.

Points will be available for each character separately, so there is no need to ration points per character. All Veteran rewards are going to be character bound.

So, what do I get?

The different sorts of items that veterans will get access to vary from Social Items over Convenience Items to exclusive Veteran Equipment.

Convenience Items

  • Basic Riding Training - 2 points
  • Free Feat Reset potion - 2 points
  • Basic Horse (8 different colors) - 3 points
  • Straw Man (For target practice in certain playfields) - 5 points
  • Path to Conarch Village - 8 points
  • Path to Fire Beacon Lookout - 8 points
  • Path to Hunting Lodge - 8 points
  • Path to Iron Tower - 8 points
  • Path to Khemi - 8 points
  • Path to Kheshatta City - 8 points
  • Path to Prison Colony - 8 points
  • Path to Tarantia - 8 points
  • Path to The Lair - 8 points
  • Reset Feat Cost potion - 12 points
  • Swift Horse (8 different colors) – 85 points

Veteran Items

  • Veteran's Bag (35 slots) - 8 points
  • Veteran's Boots (10 % out of combat movement speed) - 8 points
  • Veteran's Cape (+50 out of combat health/mana/stamina regen) - 8 points
  • Veteran's Path (Reduces the reuse time of your PoA/PoC by 10 minutes, permanently) - 10 points

Social Items

  • Size Abilities (Abilities that allow you to grow in size for a period) – 2 points
  • Arm Enlarging (Make your character a little more buff) – 3 points
  • Breast Enlarging (Female only) – 3 points
  • Fireworks – 2 points each
  • Companion: Pleasure Priestess (Choose from Derketo, Ishtar, Morrigan, and Yun!) – 5 points
  • Pet: Hyena – 5 points


And this will not be all the future holds for Age of Conan veterans! The system is designed so it can be easily expanded with future updates and to provide veteran players with even more rewards, services and options in the months to come! So stay tuned for more exciting rewards to be added through the Veteran system!