New Content since Launch

New Content since Launch

Since the launch of Age of Conan in 2008, there have been dozens of updates to the game including many content additions and new features. To give returning players as well as new players an easy way to find and experience that new content, the following list gives an overview on some of the new features, playfields, solo and group content.



  • Ymir's Pass (Level 55 - 63 Playfield)
  • Tarantia Commons (Level 75+ Playfield)
  • The Regions of Khitai (Five Level 20 - 80 Playfields)
  • Coast of Ardashir (Level 50 - 55 Playfield)
  • Slaughterhouse Cellar (Level 80 Solo Dungeon)
  • The Breach (Level 40 - 80 Solo Dungeon)
  • The Forgotten City (Level 40 - 80 Solo Dungeon)
  • The Refuge of the Apostate (Level 80 Solo Dungeon)
  • Dead Man’s Hand (Level 50 - 80 Solo Encounter)
  • Isle of Iron Statues (Level 80 Solo Encounter)

lion Ymir’s Pass

(Level 55 - 63 Playfield)


Ymir’s Pass is a new outdoor playfield for players of level 55 to 63 and can be found in Cimmeria. Frost Giants, Ghost Kings and the Amphitheater of Karutonia are only a few of the new enctounters, locations and adventure that can be found there.

Ymir’s Pass can be accessed from Eiglophian Mountains, Field of the Dead and Atzel's Approach.

Further Reading: Ymir’s Pass

lion Tarantia Commons

(Level 75+ Playfield)


Tarantia Commons District is a new outdoor playfield located in Tarantia for level 75 and up. You will be able to experience countless more hours of content with a whole new series of quests, outdoor boss encounters scaling from the high rooftops of the district to the dark mysterious graveyard, and the addition of a single-player dungeon (Attilius' Mansion) as well as a 6-man grouped dungeon (Crows Nest).

Tarantia Commons can be accessed in Old Tarantia, just left after crossing the Bridge of Vilerus I, near the gate to the Noble District. Speak to Vialli outside the gate to begin your exploration of this new area with a quest.

Further Reading: Tarantia Commons

lion The Regions of Khitai

(Level 20 – 80 Playfields)


The expansion “Rise of the Godslayer” introduced five new massive playfields to the world of Age of Conan. All of these provide hours and hours of adventure and exploration.

To travel to Khitai, you need to go to Khemi and look for the Caravan Master on the Island off the shore of the city.

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lion Coast of Ardashir

(Level 50 - 55 Playfield)


The city of Ardashir and the area around it, including parts of the coast of the Vilayet Sea, offers players of level 50 to 55 a brand new outdoor playfield with more than fifty new quests and hours and hours of great new content and adventure. From here, players also get access to the new solo, group and raid instances included in “The Savage Coast of Turan” Adventure Pack.

Players can travel to the Savage Coast of Turan by first talking to NPC Talim who can be found in the streets of Khemi.

lion Slaughterhouse Cellar

(Level 80 Solo Encounter)

Slaughterhouse Cellar

The Slaughterhouse Cellar dungeon is an instanced, level 80, solo dungeon. Players must complete a series of quests taking place in and around the dungeon, and the reward is most importantly to gain access to the new dungeon Xibaluku. Through these quests the player will unravel the story of the Picts residing within, reaping rewards that are certainly notable, but far from the riches that are held within the great Xibaluku dungeon!

Players can find the Slaughterhouse Cellar in Thunder River in Aquilonia.

Further Reading: Slaughterhouse Cellar

lion ‘The Breach’ and ‘The Forgotten City’

(Level 40 - 80 Solo Encounters)


As dynamic dungeons, these solo instances scale the experience to the player's level so that all players between level 40 and 80 can enjoy the content.

Both instances can be found in Gateway to Khitai.

To get access to the Breach, talk to Mendusjin in his camp first.

Speak to Akana at Mendusjin's camp to get your quests started for The Forgotten City.

Further Reading: The Breach and The Forgotten City

lion Refuge of the Apostate

(Level 80 Solo Encounter)

Refuge of the Apostate

The Refuge of the Apostate is a new level 80 solo instance that can be found in Kara Korum in Khitai. The story ties into events linked to the Scarlet Circle and the Last Legion and centers around a potential extremist member of the Circle named Tian-Bai.

Speak to either Pra-Eun of the Scarlet Circle or Sa-kota of the Last Legion to start your quest. Players of other factions might also speak to Tsaichin, a shifty woman who can be found in the village of Ghost Hill in Kara Korum.

Further Reading: The Refuge of the Apostate

lion Dead Man’s Hand

(Level 50 - 80 Solo Encounter)


This dynamic solo instance scales to the level of the player (between 50 and 80) and offers a quest line which ties into parts of the greater storyline that players will discover in and around the city of Ardashir.

Besides the main quest on this island there are also many related quests than players can choose to take on, providing additional hours of adventure and a chance to explore this massive island that the pirates of the Red Brotherhood call their home.

To start the main questline for “Dead Man’s Hand” speak to the pirate Artus in Ardashir.

lion Isle of Iron Statues

(Level 80 Solo Encounter)


This level 80 solo instance is tied to the original story “Shadows in the Moonlight” from Robert E. Howard. Conan himself once visited this deserted island located in the Vilayet Sea only to encounter ancient horrors and a beast that would have killed any lesser man. Players now get the chance to pay that same island a visit…if they dare.

To start your adventure on the “Isle of Iron Statues” talk to the Curator of Erlik at the Temple of Erlik.



  • The Iron Tower (Level 78+ Group Dungeon)
  • Ai District (Level 80 Group Dungeon)
  • T'ian'an District (Level 80 Group Dungeon)
  • Xibaluku (Level 80 Group Dungeon)
  • Amphitheater of Karutonia (Level 60+ Group Dungeon)
  • Cradle of Decay (Level 43 Group Dungeon)
  • The Dungeons of Khitai (Twelve Level 80 Group Dungeons)
  • Fort Ardashir (Level 80 Group Encounter)
  • Shrines of Bori (Open World PvP Content)
  • The Call of Jhebbal Sag (PvP Minigame)
  • Blood and Glory (PvP Server Ruleset)

lion The Iron Tower

(Level 78+ Group Encounter)

Iron Tower

The Iron Tower is a level 78 and up group dungeon that lies in the heart of the commons district in Tarantia and functions as the climax of the epic story from Tarantia Commons. Players pick up from where the story ended in the commons between the conflict with the Wharf Rats, Crows and Daughters. Much like the first chapter, the developers wanted to throw the players head first into the storyline and both offer some closure to the story as well some new challenges to indoor encounters.

Further Reading: The Iron Tower

lion ‘Ai District’ and ‘T’ian’an District’

(Level 80 Group Encounters)


There are two new team instances available since Update 2.2! Both aimed at level 80 players, these instances are found in the Imperial capital of Paikang in Khitai.

The two new instances, complete with daily quests, take the form of two separate outdoor districts of Paikang – The Ai District and the T’ian’an District. While both are areas of the same, once proud, Imperial capital, they have been affected by the corruption and evil that has spread throughout Khitai in very different ways, and likewise the pace and style of the gameplay is also different between the two areas.

The entrace to Ai and T'ian'an can be found in the sewers right next to the Insurrection camp in Paikang.

Further Reading: Paikang Districts Ai and T’ian’an

lion Xibaluku

(Level 80 Group Encounter)


In an effort to expand the high-end content in Age of Conan we added a new dungeon called Xibaluku. This instanced, level 80, single group dungeon will provide players with countless more hours of gameplay by offering a series of new quests, encounters, loot and of course new environments to explore!

Players wanting to explore the new dungeon will need to head to the Thunder River region in Aquilonia.

Further Reading: Xibaluku

lion Amphitheater of Karutonia

(Level 60+ Group Encounter)


The Amphitheatre, once the site of such horrible sacrifices, now serves as a nexus for the evil in Ymir’s Pass. Black Ring member’s come and go freely, and a few of Thoth-Amon’s greatest allies remain in the Amphitheatre.

The entrance to this dungeon is located in the Ymir's Pass playfield.

Further Reading: Ymir’s Pass

lion Cradle of Decay

(Level 43 Group Encounter)

Cradle of Decay

The Cradle of Decay is a level 43 dungeon for player groups. It can be accessed through the Field of the Dead in Cimmeria.

lion The Dungeons of Khitai

(Level 80 Group Encounters)


The Kang Pagoda (6 Player Dungeon in Northern Grasslands)

The first group encounter you will find in your journey to Khitai pits you against an Obese and corrupt governor. His Pagoda towers above the courtyard immediately inside the Great Wall

The Warmonk Monastery (Three 6 Player encounters in Northern Grasslands)

  • Reliquary of Flame
  • Vortex of the Storm
  • Coppice of the Heart

In the South West of the Grasslands the Warmonk Monastery looms tall from its perch high in the Mountains above the Grasslands. Here you will find three instanced encounters are you explore the story of the ancient warmonks!

Pillars of Heaven (6 Player Dungeon in Northern Grasslands)

This massive and majestic dungeon location offers a true dungeon crawl taking place in this ancient temple built high above the escarpment. Battle your way through a host of great new boss encounters as you attempt to climb to the peak of the Pillars of Heaven!

The Mines of Chosain (Three 6 Player encounters in Chosain)

  • The Jade Dugout
  • Den of the Crowmen
  • Abyss of Kun Whu

Explore the dangerous Chosain mines, from the Jade dugout through the Den of the strange creatures known as the Children of Jil to the mysteries of the Abyss.

Palace of Yun Rau (6 Player encounter in Chosain Province)

Pit yourself against a local warlord in Chosain in this team instance

The Kara Korum Crater (Three 6 Player encounters in Kara Korum)

  • The Cavern of Malice
  • The Celestial Necropolis
  • The Enigmata of Yag

The strange crater in Kara Korum plays host to the hardest of the single team challenges in Khitai. Those who travel here will seek to get to the heart of the corruption that taints Khitai!

lion Fort Ardashir

(Level 80 Group Encounter)

fort ardashir

Fort Ardashir with its ornate pillars, domes and walls offers an imposing view, standing over the city of Ardashir and dominating the right side of the bay that leads out into the Vilayet Sea beyond. What secrets do the massive walls hide? Has the conspiracy that is spoken about in whispers in the taverns of Ardashir originated from within the heavily guarded castle? This question is probably never answered as who could be foolish enough to enter the fort unbidden and try to get past the soldiers and war beasts that guard the castle and the caverns beneath.

This instance offers a challenge for a group of level 80 players with a focus on interesting boss encounters set in a stunning, varied location. The level of difficulty can be compared to the most challenging Khitai group instances.

lion Shrines of Bori

(Open World PvP Content)

Shrines of Bori

Situated around the village of Brandoc (in the Cimmerian end of the Border Kingdoms), shrines in honor of the war god Bori provide the battleground where players will experience an ongoing conflict. Guilds will wage war over capturable and destroyable shrines in a massive outdoor setting. The Shrines of Bori content rewards conflict over cooperation, so get ready to test your alliances.

With the 'Shrines of Bori' we also gave every class an entirely new PvP armor set, exclusively earned through PvP gameplay. These new sets are powerful armors that rival the best gear currently available in Hyboria.

Further Reading: Shrines of Bori

lion The Call of Jhebbal Sag

(PvP Minigame)


Update 2.1 introduced the brand new PvP map “The Call of Jhebbal Sag” including a new PvP ruleset called “Conquest”. With 12 players on each side the battle promises to be even bloodier than in the existing mini-games and the new ruleset offers various different tactics to win the day.

The PvP map is available, just like the other PvP mini-games, by clicking on the PvP tab in the in-game GUI.

Further Reading: The Call of Jhebbal Sag

lion Blood and Glory

(PvP Server Ruleset)

Blood and Glory

The idea for this PvP server type, which is called the 'Blood and Glory' servers, is to provide a more 'old school' PVP environment. This is a server where your reputation and skill means something, and surviving requires you to keep your wits about you, and make good friends. It is, in effect, intentionally uncompromising. This is very much a 'live by the sword, die by the sword' type of server.

The server for EU with the "Blood and Glory" ruleset is: Rage
The server for US with the "Blood and Glory" ruleset is: Deathwish

Further Reading: Blood and Glory Server Ruleset



  • Alternate Advancement System
  • Factions of Khitai
  • Guild Events and Horse Racing
  • Guild Renown
  • The Mounts of Khitai
  • Veteran System
  • Regional Fast Travel System
  • Offline Character Progression
  • Vanity Item Slots
  • In-Game Store

lion Alternate Advancement System


The Alternate Advancement System gives anyone from level 20 to 80 new ways of progressing or earning new combos, powers and abilities. Players can purchase abilities using alternate advancement points. These points come in three different varieties: Prowess, Mastery and Expertise. Prowess points are earned through PvP, mastery represents PvE and expertise points are awarded alongside prowess and mastery at a fixed ratio.

You can access your Alternate Advancement Tree by opening your “Feats” window (shortcut 'N') and then click on the button “Alternate Advancement”.

Further Reading:

lion Factions of Khitai


There are twelve new factions altogether, two of which remain secret until the player actively seeks them out. Depending on which factions players choose to align themselves with, other factions might become hostile or friendly, providing countless hours of new experiences. All areas of the land of Khitai are inhabited by different factions; some groups choose to stay close to their local region while others roam through the land.

The different factions provide quests and new lines of gameplay, in addition to answer many of the questions regarding the myths and lore of Khitai. All aspects of faction gameplay will have an effect on the chosen path of the player, and players will be able to rise within the ranks of each faction. A new graphical user interface helps you track your standing and progress within each faction.

Further Reading: Information and a list of Factions

lion Guild Events and Horse Racing


Among other new social features, update 2.1 introduced two major brand new social content additions: Guild Events and Horse Racing! These activities provide whole guilds as well as every player with fun activities to try out and offer interesting and exciting diversion from the daily bloodshed.

Guild Events are available from each Guild city. The Racing Track is located in Old Tarantia.

Further Reading: Guild Events and Horse Racing

lion Guild Renown


Guild Renown is a refreshing addition to our existing guild system. Players’ individual actions will now have an impact on the overall guilds progression over a server-wide struggle for triumph. Every action of a guild member (PvE, PvP or crafting) generates guild renown points. There are 20 guild renown levels to attain and each level gives your guild access to certain rewards for your entire guild. The rewards range from new player city decorations to entirely new buildings, from new seasonal social clothing to new pets, and from new guild quests to improved potions for guild members.

Further Reading: Guild Renown

lion Tiger and Wolf : The Mounts of Khitai


Rise of the Godslayer introduced some new mounts to the Age of Conan universe: the fearsome wolf mount and the hulking tiger mount as well as the Hyrkanian horse. The wolf and tiger mount follow an all new series of epic quests where the player will not simply be given the mount – they must capture it as a cub and hand raise it in order to one day ride these magnificent beasts. The quests to tame these beasts will see the players traverse several regions to train the cub and gather supplies.

Further Reading: The Mounts of Khitai

lion Veteran System

Veteran Points have been introduced to the game. This gives players who have subscribed to the game for a certain amount of time a wide choice of different rewards to choose from. From exciting new pets to useful new equipment, the rewards are many and you have the power to choose.

These rewards are available at new vendor NPCs ('Quartermasters', found in Old Tarantia near the Great Library, in Khemi at the harbor, and in Conarch Village near the Aquilonian Tradepost) in-game and will offer a wide range of items, options and services that will only be available to veteran players.

Further Reading: The Veteran System

lion Regional Fast Travel System

New wagoner NPCs present in major outposts and quest hubs allow players to travel to notable locations within that playfield for a small fee. For example: in the Eiglophian Mountains you will find the new NPC in the village of Dinog and he will offer one way transportation to a number of locations within the Eiglophian Mountains playfield such as the Hunting Lodge, entrance to Ymir’s Pass or Yakhmar's Cave.

In addition there are also new vendors available right next to the new wagoner NPCs who sell “Wagoner Route Maps” consumable items. When used, these will transport you directly to the central hub of the current playfield.

lion Offline Character Progression

With this new feature you will get additional levels gained over time that can be allocated to characters in the character selection screen if you wish. It is designed to earn and allocate additional levels to gain over time even while being offline and it’s only available to put on characters that are at least level 30. The progression will not be so huge that it will make it unnecessary to actually play that character but it gives a nice little bonus even during times when you are on holiday or have to take a break from playing.

lion Vanity Item Slots

Update 2.6 included the new vanity armor tab, which allows players to wear items for vanity / social purposes over their stat granting armor. The equipment window is now split between "Power" and "Vanity" items. Currently you use any item you meet the requirement for as vanity armor. Vanity armor will be disabled in minigames and sieges. There are also a score of new items available that were specifically created to be used as vanity armor.

lion In-Game Store

In-game Store

With the launch of 'Age of Conan: Unchained' a new in-game store was also introduced to the game where both free players and premium members can purchase exclusive content such as weaponry, social items to be worn also in the Vanity Item slots as well as potions, teleports, mounts including a Camel and much much more.

The in-game store can be accessed by clicking on the icon left of the inventory icon or by using the comma shortcut key [,].